Starbucks has me wired like crazy right now.  Anyways, here is the album art for my Well of Souls tribute project!  As Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  Also, I have a Bandcamp now ( so if you ever feel like giving me monies, feel free to do it through there (I promise to put it all toward new audio production equipment).  All my music is pay-as-much-as-you-like, so you can still get it for free if you want!


Album art for Awesome Time EP!

2015-06-29 00:15:38 by Speculant

Here it is guys!


I'm back (after about two years, gosh) to upload a new album: a videogame themed album titled "Well of Souls".  It's based on the immensly unpopular free game called "Well of Souls" by the team Synthetic-Reality.  Here is the website:

I would bet that most of you have never heard of it.  The tracks in the album are my own re-imagining of some of my favourite songs from the game.  Go ahead and try it out, I just recently started up a server titled "Speculant's Server", so you'll see other people playing online while you explore the world of Evergreen!

Fear of the number six hundred and sixty-six.

2011-08-05 12:44:17 by Speculant

Otherwise known as Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.


2011-01-03 21:08:02 by Speculant

Whoops, I really didn't mean to support CC, I guess it just happened.

Sorry guys.

Which reminds me, I should get working on uploading the new tracks to meet my personal 2010 deadline for completion of this album...

Made a cover for the BAFA album

New Software

2010-02-17 21:11:30 by Speculant

Just bought Sony FL Studio last week, so my new songs should start sounding better than my old ones, once I learn how to use it...the interface is a bit more complicated than I expected.

New Software


2009-10-04 10:27:14 by Speculant

Just wanted to say that Newgrounds is AWESOME!!


Can anyone suggest any helpful websites/tutorials that would help me with Sony Acid Pro 7? I have the basics down, but a little help would be great.


Tips/tricks for Sony Acid Pro 7.